Faculty & Staff

Information for Faculty Members

  • Login on the login page (which has been emailed to you).
  • Click (to create a new article) or (to edit an old one).
  • Click (to post a blog) or (to create/edit a permanent page).
  • Write.
  • Caution: To attach images, use Button “Add Media”; do not copy/paste it.
  • Click on the right.
  • Done.
  • Bilingual How-To:
    1. Write Japanese texts.
    2. Then append corresponding texts in English.
    3. Select the Japanese part and click Balloon 1.
    4. Select the English part and click Balloon 2.
    5. Click HTML Tab and make sure that each part is sandwiched between “span lang=”ja” (or “span lang=”en”) and “/span” tags. (Buggy though; watch out!)
    6. Write the title in one line divided by “|”, like ” English Title”.
    7. Now you are done!