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March, 27-30, 2017

WCMNM2017 is being held now.


Welcome To IFMM

Micro/meso-scale (between macro and micro) manufacturing has been developed in research fields of machining, forming, materials and others, but application to industrial products is not sufficient. The main objective of this forum is to bring together the possibility from academic research and the needs of industries as much as possible. This forum consists of paper sessions, group discussions, a panel discussion and a symposium for matching state-of-the-art technologies and needs. The exhibition of the achievement of industrial products is also planned to encourage the participants to touch concrete shape and function. In addition to seek for practical use, pure scientific approach is welcome in the paper sessions for understanding of various technological fields.

Microfactory Concepts and Micro-manufacturing Applications

Micromachining, Micro forming, Micro-EDM and others

Materials for Micro manufacturing

Tribology and Surface Engineering in Micro manufacturing

Links: I2M2 | MicroNano | JSTP