Faculty of Economics, University of Toyama
3190 Gofuku, Toyama 930-8555, Japan

iwata (at) eco (dot) u-toyama (dot) ac (dot) jp

Author identifiers:

Ph.D. in Economics, Osaka University, Japan, 2002

Research Fields:
Housing and Urban Economics

Recent Research Topics:

  • Housing wealth effects on consumption and retirement
  • Upstream financial transfers and downstream housing transfers
  • Upstream in-kind transfers and downstream housing transfers

Research Projects:

Recent Working Papers:

  • Housing inheritance, financial assistance, and reciprocal interdependence. [Abstract]
  • Housing assets and consumption among the Japanese elderly. [Abstract]

Recent Publications:

  • Price competition in the spatial real estate market: allies or rivals? Spatial Economic Analysis, 14(2), 2019. [Abstract]
  • The asymmetric housing wealth effect on childbirth. Review of Economics of the Household, 15(4), 2017. [Abstract]
  • The crowding-out effect of housing subsidies on parental support: evidence from Japanese mortgage tax credits. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 32(4), 2017. [Abstract]
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