Working Paper:School of Economics, University of Toyama


No. Title Author Date
341 青少年期における子どもとの接触経験は出生意欲を高めるのか?-既婚女性を対象としたアンケート調査の結果から 中村真由美 2021年9月2日
340 Competition and Efficiency in the Regional Banking Industry: Empirical Implications of the Quiet-Life Hypothesis Tetsushi Homma March 2021
339 On convergence of Newton's method for the characteristic equation of 4th order pairwise comparison matrix in AHP Shunsuke Shiraishi and Tsuneshi Obata March 16, 2021
338 On the remainder of a characteristic polynomial of 4th order pairwise comparison matrix in AHP: Computational simulations in R Tsuneshi Obata and Shunsuke Shiraishi February 25, 2021
337 On a maximum eigenvalue of 3rd order pairwise comparison matrices in AHP and convergence of Newton's method Shunsuke SHIRAISHI and Tsuneshi OBATA February 5, 2021


No. Title Author Date
336 Estimating the policy reform impact in long-term care insurance: The case of the 2007 revision in Japan Masashi Yamamoto and Makiko Takao July, 2020
335 The Impact of Imports, Technological Progress and Domestic Demand on the Growth of and Structural Changes in China's Steel Industry Jun Ma and Naoki Kakita July, 2020
334 An Endogenous Model of Heterogeneous Growth U: A Generalization to the CES Utility Function Akitaka Dohtani July 7, 2020
333 An Endogenous Model of Heterogeneous Growth T: Additive Utility Function Akitaka Dohtani July 7, 2020
332 What effect reduces plastic waste most? −The case of Japanese manufacturing− Saifun Nahaer Eva and Masashi Yamamoto May, 2020
331 Sleep and health deprivation of single mothers in Japan Mayumi Nakamura and Mito Akiyoshi 3, 2020
330 Equilibrium Pigou Cycle Akitaka Dohtani and Jun Matsuyama April 2020
329 北陸地域における経済循環の持続可能性−地域産業連関表に基づく試算− 中村和之 2020.3
328 Asset price indices for Japanese art auction market: An application to the Japanese artist Koji Karato March 26, 2020


No. Title Author Date
327 A Statistical Model Connecting Heterogeneous Micro Behaviors and Macrodynamics T: Construction of a Basic Model and Its Nonlinear Analysis Akitaka Dohtani and Jun Matsuyama October 2019
326 Does Unit-Based Pricing Really Reduce Waste? A Causal Inference Approach with Panel Data Daisuke Ichinose and Masashi Yamamoto August, 2019(Revised in February, 2020)
325 Is Incineration Replacing Recycling? Masashi Yamamoto and Thomas Kinnaman June, 2019(Revised in March, 2020)
324 Who provides the most cost effective waste management? : Evidence from Japan Andrew Abbott, Eiji Hosoda, Shasikanta Nandeibam, Lucy O'Shea, Masashi Yamamoto June, 2019
323 Monetary Policy in a Pessimistic Economy Produces a Long Stagnation with Low Interest Rates Akitaka Dohtani and Jun Matsuyama May 2019
322 Possibility of virtual reality in actuality formation in customer experience: Case Study on the invisible world heritage the Mietsu Navy remnant site Hiroshi KOGA, Sachiko YANAGIHARA 2019.2
321 Housing inheritance, financial assistance, and reciprocal interdependence Shinichiro Iwata,Norifumi Yukutake February 18, 2019


No. Title Author Date
320 Dynamics of Production and Trade of Flower Bulbs in the Netherlands, China and Japan Yasutaka Niisato 24 August 2018
319 Subordination of Shareholder Loans in Japan Tomoki Masuda June,2018
318 Organisational Citizenship Behaviour with the Potential to Threaten Internal Members' Privacy through the Posting of Useful Information on a Weblog A Case Study of a Primary School Website in Japan Sachiko YANAGIHARA May,2018
317 M&AにおけるPMIとマネジメント・コントロール・システムの統合 森口毅彦 2018年5月
316 コスト・フロンティア上の競争と異時点間規則的連鎖:効率性仮説及び平穏仮説の理論的含意 本間哲志 2018年5月
315 複数属性を考慮した都道府県別の厚生分布と地域間格差の動向 中村和之 2018年3月
314 意志決定法AHPにおける計算及びレポート作成補助 古賀さゆり 2018年3月
313 Competition on the Cost Frontier and Intertemporal Regular Linkages: Theoretical Implications of the Efficient Structure and Quiet-Life Hypotheses Tetsushi Homma March 2018
312 A Macro Model of Heterogeneous Growth U: An Existence Proof of Transitional Dynamics Akitaka Dohtani March 2018
311 A Macro Model of Heterogeneous Growth Akitaka Dohtani March 2018
310 Experience of Applying the CORE-Econ in English Reading Course Yasutaka Niisato 7 March 2018


No. Title Author Date
309 マルチ・スズキにみるインド市場開発に関する戦略事例 内田康郎 2017年12月
308 Housing assets and consumption among the Japanese elderly Shinichiro Iwata,Norifumi Yukutake November 16, 2017
307 Decomposition Analysis of the Household Migration Koji Karato and Hisaki Yamaga March 30, 2017
306 わが国企業におけるM&Aの成否評価とPMIの実態〜アンケートによる実態調査研究にもとづいて〜 森口毅彦 2017年3月30日
305 Sequential Comparisons of Generalized Lorenz Curves for Different Demographics Kazuyuki Nakamura March,2017


No. Title Author Date
304 IoTの進展と国際ビジネスの関係について―技術標準の業際化への取り組みを中心に― 内田康郎 2016年12月
303 A Business Cycle Model of Speculation Akitaka Dohtani September, 2016
302 Self-fulfilling Prophecy and Dynamic Complexity Akitaka Dohtani September, 2016
301 Single-payoff farsighted stable sets in strategic games with dominant punishment strategies Toshiyuki Hirai First version: October 3, 2016; Revised version: October 24, 2016
300 M&Aの成功と効果的なPMI研究に関する一考察 森口毅彦 2016年3月29日
299 How Do Agricultural Markets Respond to Radiation Risk?: Evidence from the 2011 Disaster in Japan Kayo Tajima,
Masashi Yamamoto and Daisuke Ichinose
February 8, 2016


No. Title Author Date
298 日本とオランダの花き球根産業に対するリーマンショックの影響―生産と貿易− 新里泰孝,竹田達矢 2015年12月28日
297 Harrodian Dynamics and the Hoover Curve: Japanese Case Yasutaka Niisato 28 December 2015
295 The asymmetric housing wealth effect on childbirth Shinichiro Iwata, Michio Naoi July, 2015
294 システム開発における戦略,組織,エンジニア行動と人材マネジメント――日中韓3社の比較分析 馬駿・
293 わが国企業におけるKPI(重要業績指標)の活用実態とKPIの機能 ――アンケートによる実態調査研究にもとづいて―― 森口毅彦 2015年3月30日


No. Title Author Date
292 The Effects of Online Communication on Students' Voluntary Contribution Behavior Sachiko YANAGIHARA November 19, 2014
291 Flower Bulb Industry in England Yasutaka Niisato 24 September 2014
290 Stable Sets of a Strategic Public Good Provision Game Toshiyuki Hirai August 1, 2014
289 フランスにおける大規模流通企業の社会的責任行動―カルフールの人的資源管理― 河野三郎 2014年5月29日
288 師弟関係組織内オンラインコミュニケーションの場での組織市民行動が組織成員の意識に与える影響 【書籍掲載のため公開解除】 柳原佐智子 2014年5月15日
287 リピート・セールス価格指数におけるセレクション・バイアス 唐渡広志 2014年3月27日
286 教育投資と地域経済成長に関する研究:中国・省間パネルデータ(1997-2012年)による分析 王敏,唐渡広志 2014年3月20日


No. Title Author Date
285 Fiscal Consolidation and Intergenerational Inequality in Japan Junji Yamada October, 2013
284 不動産価格指数の理論と推計:サーベイ ―品質調整済み不動産価格指数の推計方法― 唐渡広志,
Walter Erwin Diewert,
283 Endogenous Growth and Transition of Industrial Structure Akitaka Dohtani September, 2013
282 Asymmetric Propensity to Consume and Business Cycles Akitaka Dohtani September, 2013
281 Regional Disparities of Income, Environmental Quality and Medical Care in China: A Multidimensional Majorization Approach Kazuyuki Nakamura July, 2013
280 Housing subsidy or parental support: crowding-out effect of mortgage tax deduction Shinichiro Iwata and
Norifumi Yukutake
March, 2013
279 The Stable Set of the Social Conflict Game with Delegations: Existence, Uniqueness, and Efficiency Toshiyuki Hirai March 5, 2013
278 製造小売業の商品調達と社会的責任 鳥羽達郎 2013年1月11日


No. Title Author Date
277 Renegotiations and the Diffusion of a Technology with Positive Externalities Toshiyuki Hirai December 23, 2012
276 Foreign Exchange Intervention in Small Open Inflation-Targeting Countries: Evidence from Thailand Akihiro Kubo December, 2012
275 A Study on the Possibility of Global Standardization by Retailers:The Evolutionary Process of MUJI toward a Real Global Retailer Tatsuro Toba October 3,2012
274 An Endogenous Model of the Business Cycle Akitaka Dohtani September,2012
273 Demand Creation and the Slump Trap Akitaka Dohtani September,2012
272 Firm Growth and Efficiency in the Banking Industry:A New Test of the Efficient Structure Hypothesis Tetsushi Homma,
Yoshiro Tsutsui,
Hirofumi Uchida
271 A Generalized User-Revenue Model of Financial Firms under Dynamic Uncertainty : An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Producer Theory, Industrial Organization, and Finance Tetsushi Homma June,2012
270 On the Stability of the Core in a Public Good Economy Toshiyuki Hirai April 17, 2012
269 違法駐輪に対する政策効果分析 唐渡広志,
268 Price competition in the spatial real estate market: Allies or rivals?Shinichiro Iwata,
Kazuto Sumita, and
Mieko Fujisawa
March, 2012
267 Fertility and the user cost of home ownership: Evidence from regional panel data Shuya and
Shinichiro Iwata
March, 2012
266 Extension of Generalized Lorenz Dominance Criterion to Multivariate Attributes Kazuyuki Nakamura February, 2012
265 持続的成長への挑戦 ―仏カルフール社の試み― 河野三郎 2012年2月


No. Title Author Date
264 Strategic interaction between inter vivos gifts and housing acquisition Norifumi Yukutake,
Shinichiro Iwata,
Takako Idee
263 中国の貨運市場の高度化に関する探索的調査研究―伝化物流の「陸港モデル」に着目して― 李瑞雪,
262 The Effect on Welfare of an FTA with a Change of Cost for Customs Procedures Naoki Kakita February,2011
261 Pessimism and Asymmetric Adaptive Learning: A Self-fulfilling Route to Chronic Slump Akitaka Dohtani February,2011
260 Cautious Adaptive Learning Implies Continuous Chaos, II Akitaka Dohtani February,2011
259 Harrodian Dynamics and Hoover Curve: Japanese case Yasutaka Niisato January,2011
257 中国の貨運市場に関する探索的研究―川陝貨運市場と大西南生旌貨運市場のケースを中心に― 李瑞雪,


No. Title Author Date
258 Household Saving over the Life Cycle:International Evidence from Micro Data Oleksandr Movshuk December 28, 2010
256 Semiparametric Estimation of Time, Age and Cohort Effects in An Hedonic Model of House Prices Koji Karato, Oleksandr Movshuk and Chihiro Shimizu November 17, 2010
255 ファストファッションの事業システム:H&Mの国際戦略と日本市場における初期展開 鳥羽達郎 2010年11月15日
254 Ornamental Bedding Plants Industry in Japan: Changes in Production, Distribution and Consumption after the Gardening Boom of 1990's Kazuyuki Miyabe
Yasutaka Niisato
October 2010
253 Optimal Pigouvian Intervention in Waste Management with Urban Unemployment Naoki Kakita, Kazuyuki Nakamura October 18, 2010
252 Production Costs of Tulip Bulbs in Japan and the Netherlands Yasutaka Niisato August 2010
251 リピートセールス不動産価格指数における集計バイアス 2012年1月『日本経済研究』NO.66, pp.22-50に掲載 唐渡広志,清水千弘,
July 13, 2010
250 Change in Income Distribution to Increase Voluntarily Provided Public Goods Kazuyuki Nakamura March 23, 2010
249 Waste Management Technology Transfer and an Incentive to Free-Ride Naoki Kakita and
Kazuyuki Nakamura
March 3, 2010
248 Cautious Adaptive Learning Implies Continuous Chaos, I Akitaka Dohtani 2010,March
247 A Growth-Cycle Model of Solow-Swan Type, II Akitaka Dohtani 2010,March


No. Title Author Date
246 The Speed-Density Relationship: Road Traffic Flow Analysis with Spatial Panel Data Koji KARATO, Naohito SATO and Tatsuo HATTA November 30, 2009
245 Transboundary Pollution and Trade Policy Naoki Kakita September 2009
244 Global Public Bads and Two Types of Policy Instruments Kazuyuki Nakamura September 14, 2009
243 独立的支出と景気循環の安定性−回廊安定的な内生的循環をめぐって− 大坂 洋 2009年6月
242 An insight about logistics strategies and logistics systems of Japanese companies in China〜〜based on results of a questionnaire survey〜〜 LI, Ruixue / MAO, Min / ZHANG, Jin June 5th, 2009
241 Market expectation and dispersion in foreign exchange markets: A new approach 【PDF(392KB)】 Yoshihiro Kitamura 12/3/2009
(revised 6/8/09)
240 損害保険の産業組織に関する実証的研究:競争度及び費用効率性の推定と規制の評価 姉ア正起子,
February, 2009
(revised at August 3, 2009)


No. Title Author Date
239 Tulip Bulb Industry in Japan since 1988 Yasutaka Niisato December 2008
238 Secure Implementation: An Alternative Characterization Hideki Mizukami and
Takuma Wakayama
October 22 2008
237 Auction Price Formation with Costly Occupants: Evidence Using Data from the Osaka District Court Takako Idee
Shinichiro Iwata
Teruyuki Taguchi
October 2008
236 Imperfect Competition and Endogenous Growth II Akitaka Dohtani October 10, 2008
235 An Endogenous Growth-Cycle Model of Solow-Swan Type 【A Growth-Cycle Model of the Solow-Swan Type, I Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 76(2): 428-444 2010】 Akitaka Dohtani October 10, 2008
234 The backward-bending commute times of married women with household responsibility Shinichiro Iwata and
Keiko Tamada
September 2008
233 だまされないための経済学 大坂 洋 August, 2008
232 The impact of order flow on the foreign exchange market:A copula approach【PDF(404KB)】 Yoshihiro Kitamura June,2008
231 Distribution of Population Density and the Cost of Local Public Services: The Case of Japanese Municipalities Kazuyuki Nakamura,
Masanori Tahira
April 2008
230 Non-Cooperative Provision of International Public Inputs and Distribution of Factor Endowments Kazuyuki Nakamura April 2008
229 A Generalized User-Revenue Model of Financial Firms under Dynamic Uncertainty : Equity Capital, Risk Adjustment, and the Conjectural User-Revenue Model Tetsushi Homma February, 2008
(revised at September, 2008)
(revised at January 14, 2009)
(revised at March 12, 2009)
(revised at June 5, 2009)
228 Challenges and Possibilities for Household Medicine Lease Industry Viewed in light of CRM Masaru Furukawa 2008/2/27


No. Title Author Date
227 Homeless Networks and Geographic Concentration: Evidence from Osaka City Shinichiro Iwata and
Koji Karato
November, 2007
226 Interdependence and volatility spillover among the euro, pound sterling and Swiss franc 【PDF(493KB)】 Yoshihiro Kitamura October, 2007
225 Homeless Networks: Testing Peer and Homed Networks Against Location Choice Shinichiro Iwata and
Koji Karato
October 2007
224 Land Tenure Security and Home Maintenance: Evidence from Japan Shinichiro Iwata and
Hisaki Yamaga
25 September 2007
223 Full-Truthful Implementation in Nash Equilibria Hideki Mizukami and
Takuma Wakayama
August 30, 2007
222 Cyclic Composition of Nonlinear Interdependent Relations and Complexity of Consumer Behavior Akitaka Dohtani 2007
221 Perturbation Method of Detecting Chaos and Its Applications to Economics Akitaka Dohtani 2007
220 Wage and Working-Hour Bargaining under Strategic Employment Decision Making Osaka,Hiroshi
June 5,2007
219 What causes volatility spillover? Evidence from the euro, the yen, and the Swiss franc spot rates Yoshihiro Kitamura 24th May, 2007 (revised at October,2007)
218 The role of the five segments in the yen-dollar exchange rate Yoshihiro Kitamura 24th May, 2007
217 Testing Unitary Models of Labor Supply on Decision-making Systems: Evidence from Japan Ryoko Morozumi April 9, 2007
216 Quality of Care in Japanese Group Homes for the Elderly with Dementia: Synergy of Facility Services and Medical Services Ryoko Morozumi April 9, 2007
215 Time Budget of Tulip Bulb Farmers in Japan And Holland:In Busy Season Sumio TACHI,
Yasutaka NIISATO
214 Imperfect Competition and Endogenous Growth Akitaka Dohtani 2007
213 A Case Study of Marketing Strategy and Logistics System of Changhong,a Chinese Home Appliances Enterprise MAO Min,
LI Ruixue
February, 2007


No. Title Author Date
212 Geographic Concentration of Homelessness in the Heartland of Osaka City Shinichiro Iwata and
Koji Karato
November, 2006
211 Corridor Stability of the Neoclassical Steady-State Dohtani, A./
Inaba, T./
Osaka, H.
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変更後:School of Economics University of Toyama

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