Theoretical Physics, U. of Toyama


How to reach us

Address 930-8555 3190, Gofuku, Toyama
2nd floor of the Faculty of Science Building on Gofuku Campus of the University of Toyama
Campus map (Gofuku)
Science Building
E-mail (M. Kakizaki) (N. Hiroshima)
Phone +81-76(445)6593 (M. Kakizaki)
+81-76(445)6596 (N. Hiroshima)

Travel Information

Flights to the Toyama International Airport (TOY) from major hubs of East Asia are available. From Tokyo International Airport (HND, aka Haneda Airport), All Nippon Airways (ANA) flies to Toyama International Airport.

Local Transportation

From Toyama Airport to JR Toyama Station

  • Bus
  • 25 mins, 400 JPY. (Timetable)

  • Taxi
  • 20 mins, about 3000 JPY.

    From JR Toyama Station to the University of Toyama (Gofuku Campus)

  • Tram
  • 15 mins, 210 JPY. Trams run every 10 mins. (Timetable)
    After you get off your train at the JR Toyama Station, you should go out of the "South Exit" (there are only two exits: North and South). Then, on your right, you will see the the tram stop "Toyama-Eki", from which you can take a tram to our campus. You should take Tram No. 2 (direction "Daigakumae"), and get off at the terminal ("Daigakumae").

  • Bus
  • We do not recommend taking a bus from the downtown of Toyama. (Timetable)

  • Taxi
  • About 15 mins, 1300 JPY.


    A list of hotels in Toyama can be found at the Accomodation page of Toyama Convention Bureau.


    "eduroam" is available.


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