Studies on Labor Market & Migration Issues in Russia

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What’s New

  1. International Symposium “Central Asian Migration Management and International Cooperation” will be held at Toyama International Conference Center, 13-14 September 2009. Click here.

  2. The Fourth CAMMIC Workshop“Migration Policies in Russia and Kazakhstan” will be held at at the Toyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 8 March 2009. See the following site.

  3. The third CAMMIC workshop was held in COLLABO-Sangakkan Plaza in Tokyo. Ms. Yekaterina Badikova, Chairman of Association of NGOs Against Trafficking in Persons in Central Asia, participated in our workshop.

  4. International scientific and applied conference 'Demographic Future of Russia: issues and ways of solutions' was held in Moscow City and Ruza in 19-21 September 2008 with support of Institute of Socio-Political Research and Russian State Social University. The Organization Committee of the Conference includes Norio HORIE as a committee. See

  5. The Second CAMMIC workshop was held 23 February 2008 at Toyama International Conference Center.

  6. The first CAMMIC workshop was held 2 February 2008 at CO-OP IN KYOTO. 

  7. 29 November, 2007, Norio HORIE gave a presentation on “Управление иностранной рабочей в России из Северо-Восточной Азии (Russia’s Foreign labor Management from Northeast Asia)” at the International Conference of “Migration between Russia and Vietnam: History, Tendency and its Role in Socio-Economic Development” organized by Socio-Political Research Institute RAS at the Red Hall of Russian Academy of Science Building.

  8. Special Contract Project “Central Asian Migration Management and International Cooperation (CAMMIC)” started from 1 October, 2007.

  9. 12-22 September, 2007, Norio HORIE conducted researches in Voronezh and Moscow.

  10. 9-8 September, 2007, Norio HORIE read his paper on “Задачи миграционного контроля иностранной рабочей силы в России – О порядке приема высококвалифицированных кадров –” (in Russian) at an International Symposium in Vladivostok held by Osaka Sangyo University.

  11. 9 May, 2007, Norio HORIE read his paper on “Russia’s Labor Migration Management and Northeast Asia”, at IFANS-SRC Joint Conference (Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University.

  12. 1-2, March 2007, at the International Conference for Economics, Business studies and Law, “Development of International Trading System:Prospects for Emerging Markets” St. Petersburg, Russia, Norio HORIE read his paper on “GATS Mode 4 and Russia’s Migration Policy “.

  13. 18-28 February, 2007, Norio Horie conducted his research on project B in Moscow and Novosibirsk.

Undergoing Research Projects as a project leader

Project A: On Russia’s Foreign Labor Management and its Impact on Domestic Labor Market.

Project B: On Occupational Classifications in Russia.

Project CAMMIC: Central Asian Migration Management and International Cooperation