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Far Eastern Studies Far Eastern Studies , an interdisciplinary journal written in English (ISSN:1347-7250), published the results of research regarding economic, social and environmental issues in Northeast Asia. FES is open to all contributors; domestic and foreign researchers who are actively engaged in Northeast Asian Studies.

As of 2013, FES has been edited and published by The Association of Northeast Asia Regional Studies. Please follwo the Instructions for Authors when you submit your paper.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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FES Updates

Volume 13, 2014
  • Wen-jun Chen
    Comparing Urban Eco-competitiveness of Provincial Capitals in Midwestern China Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Information pp.1-22. PDF
  • Feihu Yang and Qin Wu
    Optimal Scale of Public Investment and Macro Performance Research - An Empirical Analysis based on China's Data - pp. 23-42. PDF
  • Guoqing Zhao and Qiong Wu
    An Analysis of Asymmetry for China's Inflation with TAR Model. pp. 43-54. PDF
Volume 12, 2013
  • Tetsu Sadatomo ?Special Contributions?
    The Twenty Years' of Observations in Northeast Asia: Then and Now from Japan Side Research Perspective pp.3-14. PDF
  • Rui Liu?Special Contributions?
    BuildingChina-Japan-Korea Free Trade Area Need Courage and Wisdom pp. 15-30. PDF
  • Si Joong Kim?Special Contributions?
    Diagnosis and Assessment of Regional Integration in Northeast Asia. pp. 31-40. PDF
  • Zhongyuan Zhang and Guoqing Zhao
    FDI Spillovers, Environmental Pollution and Energy Consumption Intensities, and Industries' Productivity. pp. 41-68. PDF
  • Mika Miyajima
    Transmigratory Movement and Life-world of the Korean-Chinese in Northeast Asia: based oon Life Histories of Chaoxianze / Chosunjok Women. pp. 69-99. PDF
Volume 11, 2012
  • Last Issue of Far Eastern Studies edited by CFEC PDF-0.1MB
  • Masakazu Imai ?Special Contributions?
    Evolution of Russian Business: Interaction between firm activities and business locations. pp. 5-19. PDF-0.2MB
  • Martina Lubyova
    Labour Market Performance in the CIS after Two Decades of Transition: do institutions matter? pp. 21-38. PDF-0.1MB
  • Taro Ohdoko, Takahiro Tsuge
    Public Preferences for Crime Risk Reduction in Japan: Evidence from stated preference data. pp. 39-64. PDF-0.1MB
Volume 10, 2011
  • Keiko Suganuma
    Economic Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on the Sakhalin Region from 1995 to 2005. pp. 1-23. PDF-0.3MB
  • Mayu Michigami
    Comparison of Affordability of Russian and Japanese Housing Markets. pp. 25-57. PDF-1.3MB
  • Maozhang Hou
    Evaluation System of Low-carbonization of Industrial Structure in China. pp. 59-76. PDF-0.5MB
Past Updates
Volume 9, 2010
  • Takashi Yano, Hiroyuki Kosaka
    Economic Interdependence in Northeast Asia: Production Side Perspective with Emphasis on Russia. pp. 1-14. PDF-1.3MB
  • Taro Ohdoko, Fan Zhang
    Caregivers' Preferences for Alleviating Burden of Long-term Care of Japanese Elderly at Home. pp. 15-30. PDF-0.3MB
  • Yuichiro Yoshida, Katsuhiro Yamaguchi, Masashi Yamamoto
    Dynamic and static productivity measurements of Japanese airlines: can they really compete through the liberalization in Asian aviation industry? pp. 31-63. PDF-11.7MB
  • Toshi H. Arimura, Kazuyuki Iwata
    Measures to Protect the Environment and Conserve Energy Taken by the United States and Japan: Review of Quantitative Analysis. pp. 65-87. PDF-1.0MB
Volume 8, 2009
  • Sergei Kazantsev
    Transport Ties: Russia - Northeast Asia Countries pp. 1-16. PDF-311KB
  • Takaaki Hattori
    Can Japan Take Standpoint Promoting Establishment of Common Currency in East Asia. pp. 17-30. PDF-576KB
  • Victor Churashev and Vitalia Markova
    Prospective Electrical Power balance of Siberia and Opportunities fo Power Cooperation with the Countries of Northeast Asia. pp. 31-44. PDF-231KB
  • Yantian Chen and Dan Jin
    Who benefits from the emrging China? An Intenational Input-Output Approach. pp. 44-59. PDF-463KB
Volume 7, 2008
  • Dan JIN & Yantian CHEN
    Changes of dependency structure in East Asia from 1990 to 2000: Analysis by intermediate input according to sector. pp. 1-21. PDF-1.18MB
  • Masaaki SHIMIZU & Marina SHIMIZU
    Physicochemical Environment of Formation of Tin Sulfide-Bearing Deposits in Japan. pp. 23-40. PDF-962KB
  • Jun MA, Hiroko IMAMURA & Guo-Qing ZHAO
    Analysis of Unemployment During Transition to a Market Economy: The Case of Laid-off Workers in the Beijing Area. pp. 41-64. PDF-355KB
  • Sangmoon PARK
    Business Incubators and Entrepreneurship in Korea: Analyzing Historical Development and Current Situation. pp. 65-80. PDF-463KB
  • Hongmei MA
    Chinese Traders in Primorsky Krai in 2007. pp. 81-98. PDF-170KB
Volume 6, 2007
  • Hiroko IMAMURA
    A Study of North Korean Foreign Trade, pp. 1-29. PDF-446KB
  • Naoya WADA
    Fine-scale species richness of alpine fellfield plant communities, pp. 31-44. PDF-302KB
  • Naoya WADA
    Interannual variations in summer temperature on the summit in Mt. Changbai in Northeast China, pp. 45-49. PDF-434MB
  • Tetsuya MIYASHIGE
    Scale Expansion and the Change of Research and Development Activities‥Case of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company‥, pp. 51-63. PDF-272MB
  • Li Zhan & Yuan Xiaoling
    Factors Influencing the Enthusiasm to Disclose Environment Accounting Information‐Econometric Analysis from SSE Data ‐, pp. 65-78. PDF-308B
Volume 5, 2006
  • Victor CHURASHEV ?Special Contributions?
    Evaluation of New Coal Combustion Technologies. pp. 1-13. PDF-272KB
  • Jun MA
    Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth of Venture Businesses in Japan. pp. 15-33. PDF-196KB
  • Naoya WADA, Qi-Jing LIU & Kunio KAWADA
    Seasonal Variations in Soil Temperature on the Alpine Tundra Community in Mt. Changbai in Northeast China: Comparison with Mt. Tateyama in Central Japan. pp. 35-43. PDF-2.4MB
  • Tomokazu TANI & Naoya WADA
    Increasing Summer Night Temperatures during a 24-Year Periods in Japan: Implications for Rice Production. pp. 45-55. PDF-4.3MB
Volume 4, 2005
  • Hyun Young LEE
    Strategic Alliances and Trade Dispute in Automobile in Industry: From the Perspective of the Relationship between Government and Industries in Japan and Korea. pp. 1-16. PDF-341KB
  • Norio HORIE
    The Role of Universities for Youth Labour Market in Russia. pp. 17-33. PDF-381KB
  • Hiroko IMAMURA
    North Korean Economy and its Impacts on Neighboring Regions. pp. 35-49. PDF-359KB
  • Dapeng CAI
    Measuring China's Sustainability: An Evaluation with Green NNP and Ecological Footprint. pp. 51-63. PDF-291KB
  • Tomokazu TANI & Naoya WADA
    A Statistical Analysis on Regional Differences in Climatic Effects on Interannual Fluctuation in Rice Yield along the Sea of Japan. pp. 65-75. PDF-322KB
Volume 3, 2004
  • Sergei F. SUTYRIN ?Special Contributions?
    Russian Integration into the World Economy and Its Impact on National Labor Market. pp. 1-10. PDF-193KB
  • Qinghai GUO ?Special Contributions?
    An Analysis on the Maize Market of Jilin Province in China. pp. 11-23. PDF-535KB
  • Hyun Young LEE
    The Japan-U.S. and Korea-U.S. Semiconductor Trade Dispute. pp. 25-35. PDF-312KB
  • Hiroko IMAMURA
    North Korean Economic Reform: Comparison with China and Vietnam. pp. 51-63. PDF-388KB
  • Naoya WADA & Yumi NAKAI
    Germinability of Seeds in a Glacial Relict Dryas octopetala var. asiatica: Comparison with a Snowbed Alpine Plant Sieversia pentapetala in a Middle-Latitude Mountain Area of Central Japan. pp. 57-72. PDF-175KB
Volume 2, 2003
  • Kazuhiro KUMO
    Migration and Regional Economy in Russia: Recent Trends and Their Backgrounds. pp. 1-14. PDF-433KB
  • Laping WU & Junfeng SHU
    Domestic and International Trade of Chinese Feedgrains. pp. 15-43. PDF-1700KB
  • Hiroko IMAMURA
    Unemployment Problem and Unemployment Insurance in China. pp. 45-67. PDF-528KB
  • Norio HORIE
    Forced Migration in West Siberia. pp. 69-87. PDF-588KB
Volume 1, 2002
  • Shengjin WANG ?Special Contributions?
    Study Report on Northeast Asian Labor Force Resource. pp. 1-37. PDF-1020KB
  • Sergei V. KAZANTSEV ?Special Contributions?
    Siberian Regions : Factors of Growth and the Main Specialization. pp. 39-59. PDF-524KB
  • Hiroko IMAMURA
    China and North Korea Relationship in a New Era. pp. 61-77. PDF-218KB
  • Norio HORIE
    De-Industrialization in West Siberia : Was 'Tertiarization' realized in the 1990s pp. 79-93. PDF-170KB

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