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Last updated : 2020. 01. 28

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The web site, "Japanese Songs" was established for Japanese language learners. 56 songs, including children's songs and folk songs, which Japanese people know well, can be heard. This site is equipped with MIDI melodies for karaoke and MP3 songs, making it easy for first time users to practice and sing . Futhermore, the 56 songs are classified by level of difficulty in terms of both the vocabulary and the grammar that appear in the lyrics, so one can start practicing with simple Japanese songs. This site is also equipped with vocabulary lists to help students both with learning Japanese and in singing these songs. By means of this site, it is our hope to promote better understanding of Japanese culture and language through songs.

This web site was produced with support from Grant-in-Aid for the Encouragement of Young Scientists from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

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