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She graduated from Musashino Music College in Tokyo.
She appeared in many musical performances such as 'Anything Goes' and 'Sound of Music' at Toho Musicals.
She recorded many commercial songs.
She stayed in Brazil, where her great-grandfather had immigrated, and she learned Brazilian music.
In 2000, she held a charity concert for elderly Brazilians of Japanese descent.
In 2001, she sang Japanese songs for a thousand Japanese Brazilians at a big Japan Cultural Center hall in San Paulo.
In 2002, she took part in a competitive performance with Brazilian musicians at the famous sanctuary of bossa nova, 'Vinicius Piano Bar' in Rio de Janeiro.
In 2004, she held a live solo concert at 'Vinicius' in Rio de Janeiro. (concert producer: Brazilian composer Durval Ferreira, guest musician: Durval Ferreira and Kay Lira)
She now participates in many activities as a bossa nova singer and is also a member of an a capella gospel female quartet, 'The Bells', in Tokyo.

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