Social Events

Banquet (3rd March, Evening)

The HPNP2017 workshop banquet will be held at Kureha Hights. The registration fee covers the banquet. Additional banquet ticket for accompanying person: 7,000 JPY/person.

For those who attend banquet after joining excursions

Tour buses (Kamioka/Zuiryuji) directly arrive at the banquet site, the Kureha Hights, after excursions.

For those who attend banquet without joining excursions

We arrange a bus from ANA hotel to the Kureha Hights via Univ. of Toyama as follows:

18:00 ANA hotel
18:20 Main entrance of Faculty of Sci. in Univ. of Toyama
18:30 Banquet site (Kureha Hights)

Return buses

Return buses are planned to depart from the banquet site at 21:30 to the ANA hotel via Univ. of Toyama. We arrange also a bus that departs at 22:00.

Excursions (3rd March, Afternoon)

Participants can choose one of the following two excursion tours. The registration fee covers cost of your trip and lunch box during the bus tour. Additional tour ticket for accompanying person: 3,000 JPY/person.

Excursion A: Kamioka Tour

A bus tour is arranged to underground experimental facilities in Kamioka, Hida City (30 km away from Gofuku Campus of the U. of Toyama). The tour is limited to 26 participants (Foreigners given priority). For more information, please visit Super-Kamiokande, KamLAND, and KAGRA.

Please read the Rules for Visitors carefully before the excursion.


12:40 Bus leaves U. of Toyama
  -- Lunch during the bus trip --
13:40 Change of the bus
14:00 Arrival at Kamioka Observatory
  KamLAND → Super-Kamiokande → KAGRA
16:50 Departure from Kamioka Observatory
17:10 Change of the bus
18:10 Arrival at Kureha Hights

Excursion B: Zuiryuji Temple Tour

A bus tour will be arranged to the Takaoka City in Toyama Pref. (20 km away from Gofuku Campus of the U. of Toyama). There is the Zuiryuji Temple as shown in our workshop poster and website. Sanmon, Butsuden, and Hatto have been designated as National Treasures. This Zen temple was completed in 1663, which is reminiscent of architecture from the early Edo period. For more information, please visit "Takaoka City Tourism Association Institute".

In addition, we arrange Tea Party at Uchiyama House (wealthy farmer house). You may also enjoy plum blossom appreciation there depending upon the weather.


12:40 Busses leave from U. of Toyama
  -- Lunch during the bus trip --
13:20 Arrival at Zuiryuji (National Treasure)
  -- Guided Tour ( approx. 60 min + Free Time ) --
14:50 Departure from Zuiryuji
15:30 Arrival at Uchiyama-tei (wealthy farmer house)
  -- Tea Ceremony and Plum Blossom Appreciation --
17:00 Departure from Uchiyama-tei
17:30 Arrival at Kureha Hights