Social Events

Banquet (14th February, Evening)

The HPNP2015 workshop banquet will be held at the ANA Crowne Plaza Toyama.
The registration fee covers the banquet.
Additional banquet ticket for accompanying person: 5,000 JPY/person.

Excursions (13th February, Afternoon)

Participants can choose one of the following two excursion tours.
The registration fee covers cost of your trip and lunch box during the bus tour.
Additional tour ticket for accompanying person: 3,000 JPY/person.

Excursion A: Kamioka Tour

A bus tour is arranged to underground experimental facilities in Kamioka, Hida City
(30 km away from Gofuku Campus of the U. of Toyama).
Unfortunately, the number of participants is limited to 51.
For more information, please visit Super-Kamiokande, KamLAND, and KAGRA.

Please read the Rules for Visitors carefully before the excursion.


12:30 12:20 Busses leave from U. of Toyama
  -- Lunch during the bus trip --
13:30 Change of buses
13:40 Arrival at Kamioka Observatory
  Group A : SK ( ~20 min.) -- walk --> KamLAND ( ~15 min.) -- bus --> KAGRA ( ~20 min.)
  Group B : KamLAND ( ~15 min.) -- walk --> SK ( ~20 min.) -- bus --> KAGRA ( ~20 min.)
15:40 Departure from Kamioka Observatory
15:50 Change of buses
16:10 Arrival at the rest area "Skydome Kamioka"
  -- Break [ Enjoy shopping, eating, and drinking. ] --
17:00 Departure from "Skydome Kamioka"
18:00 Arrival at Toyama city

Excursion B: Gokayama Tour

A bus tour is arranged to the Gokayama (五箇山, "Five Mountains"),
which is located in Nanto City in Toyama Prefecture
(40 km away from Gofuku Campus of the U. of Toyama).
The historic village of Gokayama, shown on this webpage header,
has been registered as a World Heritage Site since 1995
for traditional houses, so-called Gassho-Tsukuri.
For more information, please visit "Gokayama Info".


12:30 Busses leave from U. of Toyama
  -- Lunch during the bus trip --
14:00 Arrival at Gokayama Ainokura Village (The World Heritage Site)
  -- Guided Tour ( approx. 30 min + Free Time ) --
15:00 Departure from Ainokura Village
15:15 Arrival at Murakami-ke (Murakami Family Residence)
  -- Traditional Performance (so called "Kokiriko") --
16:00 Departure from Murakami-ke
16:15 Arrival at Washi-no-Sato ( "Washi" = Japanese paper )
  -- Japanese paper making experience ( by the rotation of 2 groups) --
  [ for waiting, you may enjoy shopping, eating, and drinking. ]
17:45 Departure from Washi-no-Sato
19:00 Arrival at Toyama city

HPNP2015 Public Lecture (15th February, Afternoon)

The workshop will feature a public lecture by

  • Prof. Seiji Kawamura (ICRR, U. of Tokyo), and
  • Prof. Hitoshi Murayama (Kavli IPMU / UC Berkeley)

in Kuroda Lecture Hall. The official language will be Japanese.
For further information, click here (Japanese).