The proceedings for the workshop will then be released on eConf.

For a useful information, you can find the proceedings of HPNP2013 conference is at


Click to download LaTeX template and example files here: The eConf LaTeX template


Deadline for submissions is 30 April, 2015.

Instructions for authors

Contributions should be posted directly on arXiv using the templates above.
For instructions for submission, look at
After successful submission to arXiv, send an email to (Please replace_at_with @)

with the subject as "[HPNP15] arXiv:xxxx.yyyy"
(xxxx.yyyy should be replaced to the arXiv identifier assigned to your paper).
The length of the paper is as follows:

  • For 50min talks: 8 pages
  • For 30min talks: 6 pages
  • For short talks and poster session: 4 pages