About Us

The Theoretical Physics Group is located on the 2nd floor of the Faculty of Science Building on the Gofuku Campus. Faculty members formally belong to the Graduate School of Science and Engineering for Research (Science), and graduate students to the Graduate School of Science and Engineering for Education (Science). The Theoretical Physics Group benefits from the geographical vicinity of the Kamioka Observatory, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research. The research activities of our group include:

Particle Physics Phenomenology
Central studies of the group are building new particle physics models beyond the Standard Model, and phenomenological tests of such models at high energy physics experiments, e.g. the CERN Large Hadron Collider. In particular, the structure of the Higgs sector, that of the quark and lepton flavor sectors, as well as the origin of neutrino masses are addressed. These studies aim at revealing the underlying physics theory.
Particle Cosmology
Members of the group carry out studies on baryon asymmetry of the Universe, dark matter and inflation from the particle physics viewpoint. The group investigates predictions of well-motivated particle physics models as well as their signals expected at particle physics experiments and astrophysical observations, aiming at understanding the early evolution of the Universe.

Interactions with other research groups

Theory Seminars
The Theoretical Physics Group organizes regular theory seminars. Read more: Seminars
New Higgs Working Group
Members of the Theoretical Physics Group take part in the regular meetings of the New Higgs Working Group four-monthly with theorists working on Higgs phenomenology and its connections to new physics for discussions and collaborations. Read more: New Higgs Working Group
Hokuriku Spring School
Members of the Theoretical Physics Group hold an annual spring school in May with researchers and graduate students at Niigata University, Kanazawa University and Fukui University.
International Mini-Workshop
The Theoretical Physics Group holds a biennial international mini-workshop in February to bring together theorists working on phenomenology beyond the Standard Model and particle cosmology.